Our Parent Company

Steel City Products is owned by the Bostwick-Braun Company who is the largest wholesale hardware distributor in the Midwest supplying both retail and commercial/industrial customers throughout a 22-state region. Bostwick-Braun has warehouses located in Ashley Indiana, Providence Rhode Island and West Helena Arkansas.


Steel City Products is a Master Warehouse Distributor, established in 1947 specializing in Automotive, Lawn & Garden and Pet Products.  We operate out of a 112,000 square foot facility located in McKeesport, PA.

We stock over 10,700 SKU’s of Automotive, Lawn & Garden and Pet from over 270 different manufacturers.

We offer everyday low pricing, special pricing on promotional goods.  These advantages allow Steel City Products to remain on the leading edge of the distribution industry.

Steel City Advantages

Operational Savings - In-store service can be provided by a specially trained Territory Manager who writes and electronically transmits the order while handling any issues.  This is a definite cost savings at  store level.  When your purchasing thru Steel City Products you have  fewer invoices to process and enjoy a savings in time and dollars.

Market Knowledge - We are on top of what’s selling because of the density of the account base in the territory and because of the wide variety of customers we sell.

Services Provided - We can add or delete from a menu of services tailored specifically to your needs.

Shows - Steel City Products has shows every year where additional discounts and dating are offered and where many new items are presented.  

Customized Planograms At Steel City products we realize one shoe doesn’t fit all. We will customize your planogram to fit your needs.

Steel City Resume
Steel City Products specializes in the food arena for automotive servicing many of the nations top supermarket chains.

Kroger                       Dillons
Fry's                          Ralphs
Smith's                      City Market
Jay C Food Stores    King Soopers
Giant                         Stop & Shop
Shop Rite                  Wegmans

Weis Markets            Giant Eagle

Get Go                      Kinney Drug
The Andersons         Discount Drug Mart